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Open Source Projects at JavaPolis

Posted by thejavafinch on February 5, 2007 at 8:59 AM PST

JavaPolis was a great event, and I wanted to learn about open source projects. Is there a better way to learn then to go talk with the people responsible for the projects?

Talking with Mark Reinhold, I learned that JDK 6 was released and that OpenJDK was open sourced. To really understand the importance of this, I had to go hear what Dalibor Topic had to say about this.

Dalibor is the leader of the Kaffe Virtual Machine Project, probably the longest run open source effort to implement the Java specifications. He took some time to explain to me what Kaffe is, and what he thinks OpenJDK will bring to the open source community. Dalibor thinks that JUGs can have an important participation on those initiatives.

My talk with Heather VanCura got me thinking that I should learn more about the JCP. So, I had this idea to look for Geir Magnusson: as representative of Apache at the JCP, and also as leader of the Harmony Project, Geir would sure have lots to tell me about all that. Geir talked to me just a few minutes before his talk and sure enough, he talked about the JCP, and he also showed me how important Harmony is. He was very happy about OpenJDK too.

Once you do like me and visit Java User Groups all over the world, you start to learn that beer is as much part of JUGs as Java. When I saw Marc Fleury serving (and drinking) beer at the Red Hat booth at JavaPolis, I knew he was the right guy to talk to! We talked about JBoss and RedHat, and he even admitted that it was not only beer that was getting over his head!

Nothing beats learning directly from people. Thank you Dalibor, Geir and Marc for sharing your ideas with all of us!

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