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Dramatically Faster JavaScript in Firefox

Posted by javaben on February 7, 2007 at 10:56 AM PST

When Adobe donated their JIT-compiling JavaScript VM to the Mozilla Foundation in Nov. '06, it had some pretty huge implications. The VM boosted Flash's own JavaScript execution speed by 10x -- seeing those kinds of improvements in Firefox could enable a whole new class of "thicker" web applications. So, when will we see it? And, why did Adobe donate the code?

Over at Ajaxian, I just posted a ~30 minute podcast exploring this issue, featuring interviews with Brendan Eich (CTO, Mozilla), Kevin Lynch (Chief Software Architect, Adobe), Alex Russell (Dojo Lead), and many others. I had a lot of fun recording the interviews and editing this together, but I probably spent a little too much time doing it. ;-)

I'm interested in knowing if folks enjoy this kind of "feature" podcasts that involve more of a narrative than traditional monologue or interview podcasts. They take a lot of time to produce, but I kind of like having the information dense and relevant to a particular subject...

(cross-posted on Married... with Children)

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