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My JavaOne Talk on Advanced Refactoring

Posted by tball on March 2, 2007 at 11:19 AM PST

Chris Adamson was complaining that no one was announcing that their JavaOne talks were accepted, so here goes: my talk, "TS-9861: Advanced Java Programming Language Refactoring: Pushing the Envelope", was just accepted. It will both be about some of the radical transformers I'm currently working on, but more importantly about how the current state of tools technology can be used by other developers to push the refactoring envelope further. The small matter of backing my assertions with some working code has been the reason for my recent silence.

Why aren't more people announcing whether their talks were accepted or not? I can think of several possible reasons:

  • The acceptance notifications have been slowly trickling in (and as far as I know are not finished yet). Although I heard rumors that some speakers were notified in early February, I was notified less than a week ago.

  • Last year there were many blog comments from people who felt such announcements were either boastful (if accepted) or whining (if not). "Once bitten, twice shy" so I expect some accepted speakers are keeping quiet.

  • The talks most developers want to hear are from other developers, who tend to be introverted and so are lousy at promoting themselves. After all, anyone who prefers spending half their waking hours staring at a screen can't claim to be outgoing! In my case, it's easy to talk publicly about the technologies that excite me, but it's much harder to talk about personal news.

I hope all conference attendees interested in refactoring are able to attend my talk. There will be some cool demos of real transformations that won't be found in any of the refactoring literature, with all the code that made them work for other to improve.

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