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Posted by editor on February 28, 2007 at 11:00 AM PST

Two Java mini-conferences next week

At some point this week, I need to deal with packing for next week's Java Posse Roundup open space conference in Crested Butte, Colorado. The Posse has set "Java off the server" as their perferred topic and although and open-space conference could go whatever way the participants choose to take it, my expectation is that we'll get some interesting people shining a light on the user-facing side of Java, on the desktop, on the small device, on the phone, etc. A couple longtime friends will be there, including blogger Joshua Marinacci and GWT in Practice co-author Robert Cooper. I'm looking forward to digging into the topic of Java Media with Posse member Dick Wall, as we both have a long-standing and obvious interest in this topic. And Josh says he has a surprise for us.

And that's not the only GUI-oriented conference next week. On Thursday and Friday, the Wyndham San Jose will be the spot for Desktop Matters, the "Conference for Java Desktop Application Developers". Its list of prominent Java GUI expert speakers includes Chet Haase, Romain Guy, Kirill Grouchnikov and Ben Galbraith. Registration is still open for both conferences, by the way.

Maybe it's a bit unfortunate that these two desktop-skewing conferences are the same week, and thereby in an inadvertent competition for speakers and attendees, but on the other hand, the idea of multiple conferences sprouting up on this topic is itself an encouraging sign.

Speaking of Joshua Marinacci, he makes an appearance in today's Weblogs, discussing Netbeans M7 and the amazing new Web Start plugin.
"Milestone 7 Milestone 7 of NetBeans 6.0 recently came out and I tried it out for the first time today. Now I know what you are thinking: "Don't you work on NetBeans? Don't you work for NetBeans?!""

Rémi Forax checks in with another opinion on Java closures, in
Closure Literal and Method Reference.
"Recently, Stephen Colebourne and Stefan Schulz post another closure like proposal. I am not a big fan of it but one syntax element of their proposal is quite interesting."

Borrowing from Vista - part I, Kirill Grouchnikov writes,
"This is the first part in a series about borrowing UI ideas from Vista. This time I'm borrowing the fade effects on tree decorations (collapse / expand icons and lines)."

Frustrations are vented today's Forums.
abickerton is fed up with ME in Re: A Server Side Career:
"After 4 years, of crummy jvm implementations with no debugging mechanism, extremely limited or downright unhelpful apis and obstructive device vendors. (It's another rant for another time) I'm in the process of moving back to Java EE from Java ME. Let me give you some pointers that helped me go back."

vprise has a suggestion for us after a long project-approval delay, related in the thread
Re: How long for a project approval?:
"My mistake when sending email to inquire about this status was that I sent it to the general site feedback of rather than to the specific community leader. It just wasn't clear from the site who's approval I need to wait for. A link to a mini FAQ from the approval pending notice (in the newly created project home page) would go a long way in alleviating the annoyance of the wait."

dailysun is looking for a
Newbie Guide: Setting up SSL CA Signed Certificate in Glassfish v. 2.
"Hi! This is probably a terribly boring newbie question. I have searched the forum for answers and queried the Web, but can't find any resources that are on-point. I set up Glassfish 2 with a :443 SSL http-listener. I now want to install a CA-signed certificate. Are there any step-by-step instructions for setting up the certificate to be used with the Application server? I've recently used Sun Web Server 7 and found the GUI certification features very helpful. Sun App Server/Glassfish 2 doesn't seem to have that. Any suggestions or step-by-step tutorials?"

In Java Today,
the incubated Open JBI Components project recently increased by two components when Gestalt LLC was the first company outside of Sun to open-source new JBI components under this project. The goal of Open JBI Components is to foster community-based development of JBI components that conform to the Java Business Integration specification (JSR 208). The project is actively developing these components and is looking for both developers and users.

A forum thread offers a place for interested participants to put their heads together on getting Project Looking Glass running on Mac OS X, or its underlying Darwin layer. "There's a couple people here working on it. it's not easy but doable. Once when we are able to compile a livecd for testing we'll let people know either in this thread or in the lg3d main news. Anyone participating would make a huge support in the project. It's a small market and small interest for mac users but there's still lots of love for new and different things"

Issue 280 of the NetBeans Community Newsletter is out. Contents include: NetBeans 6.0 Milestone 7, UML Beta 3, Governance Board Elections, NetBeans Day Hyderabad, Using NetBeans to Help Track Drunk Drivers, Project Schliemann, Web Service Development Using WSIT Plug-in NetBeans & GlassFish, Creating a XML Multiview for a XML File, Struts Basic and much more...

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Two Java mini-conferences next week