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swash: second milestone and new demo

Posted by pepe on March 14, 2007 at 2:03 PM PDT

Wow, time flies.

I started swash over one year ago and now the baby can walk. Not only it walks, but the second version of the webstart showcase makes it almost run.

Oh, that was not one year full, i often took big breaks, but it is here. It finally came smoother than i expected, but still worse than it could have been in a perfect world.

Before i really started talking about my project, i wanted it to be able to offer a wide enough range of functionalities, and over all, i wanted it to be able to theoratically compete with flash on the animation part, but also with the ability to perfectly integrate within swing.

And it really came out in a great shape. Not only i can have an unlimited animations scheduled by a single thread, relatively simple and concise class count, but the layering system is globally extremely cool too. Next steps, besides adding xml timeline format and doing the netbeans editor will be pluggable non-mutable modifiers, svg support, image animation support, 3D support, sound, and more pixel filters and effects.

I am pretty happy, i admit. Oh, not because of the step accomplished, but because of the ones to come.

Now, it is time to make it display and animate better things than rotating bitmaps. Time to make useful things.

Java on the desktop is getting better each day and my days are getting just as well...

... and that is just proportional to the shortness of my nights.

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