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Installing Hudson just got even easier

Posted by kohsuke on March 14, 2007 at 10:43 PM PDT

One of the big selling points for Hudson has always been its ease of install. But recently it just keeps getting easier. The current installation procedure is what I claim "2 minute setup":

  1. Download the Hudson war file from its Release page
  2. Then run java -jar hudson.war
  3. Head to the hudson dashboard
  4. Play

But then, human laziness is really infinite. Some folks can't even bother to walk to a fridge to get a beer can, so why should you wait for slow pages to load, scroll through 87 releases of Hudson, choose the latest war, choose where to save it, and head to the shell to run it? That's way too much work.

Well, no more of that from today. The new installation instruction for running Hudson is:

  1. Click
  2. Head to the hudson dashboard
  3. Play

Now how is that? I don't think it can get any easier than this.

What this runs is a fully-fledged Hudson, not a demo nor a toy. You can configure projects, run builds, or even install plugins. All the data is stored in your ~/.hudson, so you can stop the program, relaunch it, and all your data will be intact. If you later decide to install it in your web container or app server, that Hudson will pick up the data you created in web start, so you can smoothly make a transition from the test drive mode to the production use.

I hope this attracts more people to Hudson.

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Any way 2 mins step to UNIX/Linux

I successfully installed to Windows7 and its cool but is there a better way to install to UNIX/Linux if so can you please send me the link. -Thanks