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Day 1 - Reporting from Ajax World

Posted by arungupta on March 19, 2007 at 4:20 PM PDT

I arrived in New York City yesterday early morning to show
Sun's offerings at Ajax World.
The Roosevelt Hotel reservation desk
was courteous to allow me a really early check in (7am). After spending day with family &
friends yesterday, I attended the opening keynote by
Douglas Crockford
this morning. After 20 minutes of delay
Jeremy Geelan of
SYS-CON, chair of the show, opened it and
highlighted that they are neither vendors nor developers and they are
here to listen and share with the community. I think that was an interesting
statement considering there are multiple players involved in the game.

Doug started with a show of hands asking questions about Ajax awareness and
finally asked "Who knows what does Web 2.0 mean?". And there were
around approx 10 hands showed up. This term "Web 2.0" is fuzzy and any attempt
to version the world wide web seems irrational. At Sun, we refer to this fuzzy term as
"Next Generation Web Application" that allow to develop Rich Internet
Applications. But you'll see Sun using "Web 2.0" sometimes because of
a general adoption
of this term.

Sun Web Developer Pack
is one such toolkit that provides binaries, tutorial, documentation, samples
(including source) to build your next generation Web applications and deploy
them on industry-grade containers such as
GlassFish and
Sun Java System
Web Server
and others.

Most of Doug's slides were saying just few words and then he was talking
through them. He introduced Ajax, it's history, different attempts at Rich
Internet Application development, JavaScript, security in Ajax applications, Ajax in mobile
applications, and competition (Adobe's Apollo and Microsoft's WPF).

Even though the keynote started late, but it finished slightly before time
allowing me to attend
World Web 2.0 Comet-based Applications
by Jean Francois. There he gave an
overview of the problem solved by
Comet, different
approaches of Comet, Grizzly Comet in
, and how to write a Comet application using GlassFish. In summary,

Grizzly Comet
solves reduce the latency and load on server but there is no
standard way to for Comet-based applications so there is no interoperability
between implementations. Please stop by at Sun's booth if you are interested in
seeing a demo or talk more about Sun's offerings in this space.

A complete glimpse of schedule is available
here and Sun sessions are
listed here.

As a side note, I find it weird that there is no free internet connectivity
at Ajax World. Isn't the conference about sharing, community and connectivity ?



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