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Recap of Mobile Monday Austin

Posted by stuart_marks on March 22, 2007 at 11:08 PM PDT

This past Monday (March 19) I traveled to Austin to speak at the Mobile Monday event. My co-presenter, Gregg Sporar, has posted some pics of the event in his latest blog entry.

The crowd was small but enthusiastic. They asked a lot of pertinent questions and even caught me a couple times when I glossed over points I should have covered.

I had a request for the slides. There's really nothing on the slides that isn't available elsewhere on the internet, but it's useful to have them posted for reference. I've placed them here. (This is in the Documents & files section of the phoneME project site.)

One pleasant surprise was running into an old colleague Jon Werner. He was at IBM a few years back when Sun and IBM (and HP and Novell) were working on CDE, the Common Desktop Environment. We met when I was working on CDE and on the X Window System. He's now at a startup in Austin called Bones In Motion that uses Java ME Location Services to track distance traveled in outdoor activities such as running or cycling. Cool stuff!

Thanks to my co-presenter Gregg Sporar for a great NetBeans Mobility demo, to Albert Leigh for handling the logistics, and to Enrique Ortiz and Marisa Sladek for arranging and publicizing the Mobile Monday event!

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