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New Java Power Tools poll: What Java IDE do you use

Posted by johnsmart on March 25, 2007 at 6:15 PM PDT

The IDE you use can arguably play an important role in your productivity as a developer. Does your IDE blend into the background and become a natural extension of your brain? Or do you struggle endlessly with plugins and unintuitive menu options? If there's a subject that every Java developer has an opinion on, it's this one. I've added a new poll on the Java Power Tools website: what Java IDE do you use?

Personally, I am a long-time Eclipse user (albeit with a coherent set of extensions such as Exadel Studio or MyEclipse). However, after the last Java Sun Developer days, and as part of work on the Java Power Tools book, I've been taking another look at NetBeans (version 5.5). So far, I have been pleasantly surprised: the Subversion and Maven 2 support which was cruelly lacking in the previous versions is now first class. We'll see if it holds its promises in other areas.

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