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Collecting container-specific instruction about how to run Hudson

Posted by kohsuke on March 30, 2007 at 6:57 PM PDT

Installing Hudson is really as easy as it can get, where the only container-specific steps are:

  1. How to deploy a war?
  2. How to re-deploy a war for upgrade?
  3. (Optional) How to set HUDSON_HOME environment variable, system property, or JNDI entry? (it only needs one of them, not all)
  4. (Optional) How to set system property to increase the server heap size?

Yet the reports from users suggest that these simple 4 operations are different from containers to containers, so much so to the point that people want the Hudson project to provide container-specific instruction document. The customers are the kings, so I just startedcollecting such information.

And I think this just shows the sorry state of server-side Java portability. I mean, if only the JavaEE spec could require containers to implement a common management API over HTTP, and if a client tool for that is available in JDK, then all I'd need to say is just run "javaee deploy hudson.war http://myhost/hudson/" regardless of what containers you run. An extra bonus point if both the server and the client supports NTLM authentication so that the above command runs without me typing password.

Microsoft does this for IIS. Why can't we?

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