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Subversion support in NetBeans 5.5

Posted by johnsmart on April 3, 2007 at 3:09 PM PDT

NetBeans 5.5 now offers excellent Subversion support. The last time I looked at NetBeans (maybe 6 months ago), Subversion support was all but nonexistent. Now it is first class.

Subversion support is not installed by default: You need to install it through the Update option . Open the "Tools->Update Center" and make sure the "Netbeans Update Center" option is ticked. Then, in the "NetBeans Update Center" choices, choose "Subversion". Step though the installation process. When you're done, a new "Subversion" menu will appear.

Using this menu, you can conveniently access all of the principal Subversion commands. You can check out an entire project from the Subversion repository and then create a NetBeans project using the source code, or create a new project using code that has been checked out separately. In either case, Netbeans gives you intuitive, contextual-menu-based access to Subversions features.

One neat additional feature is the "Search History" option, which lets you (as the name would suggest) search the Subversion history for log messages containing a particular text and/or changes made by a particular user.

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