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Scriptlet programming challenge 4 students (JDK6 x Groovy)

Posted by felipegaucho on April 11, 2007 at 6:06 AM PDT

ELCA announced an entry level
scriptlet competition at Jazoon'07,
with focus in innovative thinking and rapid application development based
on the new features of the JDK 6
or based on Groovy.

The prizes are quite attractive for students, including free Jazoon'07
vouchers and books from Amazon. And, of course, the best prize: proving
your skills in one of the richest markets in the world :)

All codes should be submitted by e-mail until April 30th, so hurry up with your
best thoughts ;)

Interested in participating?

check details here

	def deadline = 'April 30th';
def name='alert'; println "$deadline!";
def magic = '0xCAFEBABE';
// see you @ Jazoon'07
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