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Top 10 Desktop Destinations at the 2007 JavaOne Conference

Posted by joconner on April 12, 2007 at 10:28 AM PDT

l2_rockinduke.gifIn another month, you'll be knee deep in AJAX, the Java Persistence API, concurrency, threads, and other great session topics at the 2007 JavaOne Conference. If you're not careful, you'll miss some of the best desktop sessions while you mill around the conference site, wondering where to rest your tired brain. Plan ahead because you're going to need every spare moment to crunch it all in to your cranium.

If you're planning to attend JavaOne, don't forget that some of the most exciting platform work has been on the desktop. Yes, desktop. You think those EE guys have all the fun? No way! For the really hot Java apps, you have to see what's running on the desktop. You're not going to hit all the desktop sessions -- there are more than 40 after all. But you can hit a few. Let me help you decide.

I've compiled my list of Top 10 Desktop Destinations at the 2007 JavaOne Conference. That's only 10...and choosing just 10 was tough. Believe me, I'd like to list them all, but I was asked for just 10. Sigh....

It's hot out of my still steaming NetBeans HTML editor. Check out the list at the Sun Developer Network...Top 10 Desktop Destinations at the 2007 JavaOne Conference. Hey, don't forget to use the session content catalog and schedule builder to sign up for sessions ahead of time...links are there right on the 2007 JavaOne Conference front page.

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