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Bye Bye Brazil!

Posted by jfarcand on April 20, 2007 at 9:44 AM PDT

Ouf. My trip in Brazil has been extremely cool! Thanks to the peoples here, I was able to give talks on GlassFish, Grizzly and Comet in three different cities (Porto Alegre, Brazilia and Salvador). My last talk yesterday about Web 2.0, Comet and Grizzly was really interesting as the majority of listeners weren’t speaking English. Hence a 'real time' translator was translating my bad English to approximatively ~250 attendees. Really strange situation when you say a joke and peoples ..... laugh 10 seconds after!

The Java community in Brazil is really amazing. Yesterday, Sun TechDay was simultaneously occurring in more that 10 cities, with local speaker and Eskimos from the North like me. I was extremely surprised to see that many peoples attending all around the country.

Finally, thanks to Alexandre Gomes, Claudio Miranda and Serge Rehem for their help scheduling all those meeting (8 talks...amazing how a Comet can makes you traveling :-))! Special thanks to Alexandre who translated my talk during a visit at the Brazilia University Wednesday night (probably the name is wrong). As promised, here the picture attendees wanted me to put here :-)


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