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See you next week at Java-Script-One.

Posted by ludo on May 2, 2007 at 7:55 AM PDT

See you next week at Java-Script-One.

This year, JavaOne has been renamed Java-Script-One. JavaScript client
(jMaki), JavaScript server (Phobos), Groovy, jRuby, PHP, Scala, F3, JSON JAXB, GlassFish V3 scripting containers, killer NetBeans IDE support
(project, wizards, editors, debuggers,...), it's all about being
scripted on top of the JVM. I am sure I missed some scripting languages
that will have a session or a BOF next week...No worry, just add a
comment. I am losing my voice, and need some REST before the most
exciting week of the year at Moscone.

A la semaine prochaine,