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JavaOne 2007 Countdown

Posted by hiheiss on May 4, 2007 at 11:38 AM PDT

Just a few more days before the 2007 JavaOne commences and I’m definitely feeling a mix of anxiety (writing deadlines) and excitement (the event itself). This is the eighth JavaOne I’ve covered -- does that make me a veteran? -- and it’s intriguing to reflect on how everything’s changed. Sun’s software culture is undergoing a sea change as it opens up to the larger open source communities. While this has been happening gradually over the last couple of years, JavaOne offers a time to take note of it.

This year we’ll have a .org pavilion with a host of community representatives from OpenJDK, GlassFish, Codehaus, Hyperic, Betavine, OpenLaszlo, Greenfoot, Woodstock, PostgreSQL, JavaDB, Apache Software Foundation, Free Software Foundation, Zimbra, Funambol and more scheduled to share code and ideas.

And the first CommunityOne conference takes place the day before JavaOne with NetBeans software, OpenSolaris, GlassFish, OpenJDK, the Mobile & Embedded communities and all manner of startups and others present.

I sense an atmosphere of expectation, hope, and tentative adjustment as people reconfigure their roles and as Sun tries to get it right. Developers are concerned about licensing issues, the availability of implementations, and other matters. I’m somewhat surprised at how few people seem concerned about forking; there appears to be consensus among developers that most folks want one Java platform.

I’m told that Sun engineers who once worked exclusively with their teams are now encouraged to work with people outside of Sun and to actively listen to their ideas. Some people are learning to communicate more effectively and manage their time so that they can work with the community and still work on their code and
assignments. It's a real cultural change and like everything technology-wise, it's happening so fast!

I’ll be covering CommunityOne, parts of which are more of an unconference than a conference, plus introducing this year’s Java Rock Stars and blogging all over the place about sessions and events on the floor.

I’ll close with a few fun stats that tell a story about how far we’ve come. Here goes:

6 Million Java Developers Worldwide

6.5 Million Lines of Java SE code open sourced under GPL v2

5,000,000,000 Total Java enabled Devices; 1.83 billion installed CY 2007 to date

800 Million Total Java Desktops

7 Million Total Java enabled set-top boxes….

I could go on a lot longer and spend the rest of the day trying to comprehend the realities that these stats represent. More info is on the way, so stay tuned!

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