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JavaOne: Sprint or Marathon?

Posted by joconner on May 6, 2007 at 11:50 PM PDT

Some people say that you should approach JavaOne like a marathon -- not that I'd know anything about real marathons. Pace yourself, be steady, finish all in one piece.

As a battle-worn JavaOne veteran, I want to agree. I want to believe that the key to a successful experience at JavaOne is to plan ahead and to pace yourself. Yes, I know you want to take this event like a sprint by just tearing through, hitting everything, going everywhere, start by 8 am and end with midnight BOFs. I've done that. Ah, but I'm experienced now, maybe a little wiser. I have to do this differently this year. Slow and steady.

So how am I going to do this? Good planning starts it all. Here's the plan:

I'm already booked for Java University starting at 8 am on Monday. Choices, choices. Either a full-day course or two half-day courses...and a bonus course in the evening. Maybe I'll just go half the day and then head over to NetBeans day in the afternoon.

Then on Tuesday...8:30 am and the General Session. Then a JRuby session, and on to the Swing Application Framework, then Deployment, then Java Persistence API, and finally at 8:00 PM I have a JavaScript BOF. Nice and easy.

Wednesday. Another 8:30 general session, a Filthy Rich Clients session, then another Swing session, Extreme GUI Makeovers, F3, REST BOF at 7:55 PM, and at 9:55 I'll get that Date and Time BOF too. Slow and steady.

Thursday. Motorola session at 8:30 am. Hey, gotta check out that Blu-ray/TV Track kickoff session at 9:30 AM, then GlassFish, some Pavilion browsing and maybe the bookstore, Beans Binding at 4:10 pm, then a SwingLabs BOF at 7:55 PM. Aahh, paced, this is great.

Friday. Another 8:30 am session. Globalization session after that, a Blogging Session after that, and then Java Puzzlers. My plane! Gotta hurry to the airport or I'll miss that.

Somehow during all that I have to make time for a team dinner, meeting friends, five JavaOne Today news articles, the pavilion, a daily blog, coding labs, bookstore visits, After Dark events...

I haven't figured out a thing after all. Although JavaOne is a big, long, 5 day marathon, you still have to sprint through each day. Forget slow and steady, nice and easy, paced and comfortable. You have to hit this thing hard and fast; and just hope you can last through Friday! There is an upside to this. Next week when you return to work, you'll feel like you're on vacation. You can take that slow and easy if you'd like.

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