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JavaFX -- Simplifying UI for Content Developers

Posted by joconner on May 8, 2007 at 10:58 AM PDT

What is JavaFX? It's a set of Java technologies that will make it easier to develop rich multimedia content on the Java platform. At it's core, it's a new scripting language that runs on desktops and mobile devices.

From the JavaOne general session today, we learn this about JavaFX:

  • it's a consumer focused Java technology;
  • it has been designed for high impact consumer markets;
  • it's based on Java SE

James Gosling, while describing the new language, answered the question "Why another scripting language?" The answer: scripting languages usually have a specific strength or focus. On the Java platform prior to this announcement, no scripting language focused on making high-impact UIs. The JavaFX Script language focuses on building interactive, multimedia content.

You can find more about this new technology here:

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