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JaveOne 2007, Enterprise Search-Driven Developement

Posted by johnm on May 9, 2007 at 12:23 PM PDT

One of the most exciting things at the show this year is that my company, Krugle, announced the beta of an enterprise search appliance for development teams.

After all the months of labor, I can finally share our little bundle of joy with the world. :-)

In my experience, one of the biggest problems that enterprise developers face every day is finding useful information across the bazillion different silos of information that we have to deal with just to be able to work on our projects. Specifications, design docs, source code, issue trackers, mailing lists, notes, blogs, wikis, souce code control systems.... Mixing in time-to-market pressures, cost reduction, reuse goals, agile methodologies, and the like pushes us to a just in time way of life.

Finding relevant information amid that chaos is all too often painful and labor intensive. So, the core feature of the Krugle Enterprise appliance is to pull all of those silos together and make information available via search. This search-driven development approach is how development teams really work these days -- developers looking for example code, QA looking for bug fixes, maintainers trying to figure out the impact of making a change, managers looking at risk indicators, etc. -- we're bringing it all together.

Of course, I'm totally biased so ignore my blathering and check it out for yourself and your team.

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