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Logistics for Soccer {Football} on JavaOne Friday

Posted by mortazavi on May 9, 2007 at 10:08 PM PDT

O.K. I've posted about this earlier.

Here are some final details.

  1. We assume you have some degree of fitness to join this impromptu, unofficial and friendly soccer {football} game.

  2. We'll meet on Friday at 5:15 pm in front of Cafe Museo of SF MOMA. (For a map, see here.) That's right across from Moscone Center on Third Street, between Howard and Mission.

  3. We will wait until about 5:30 pm to collect people but cannot wait much longer due to the traffic. Be there no later than 5:20 pm if you want to ensure yourself a ride. Otherwise, we might run out of space or you might have to take public transportation to the field. See below for more.

  4. Come prepared with your equipment -- shoes, shorts, etc. We will change when we get to the Marina Greens / Fort Mason area.

  5. We should have transportation for about 10 paople, including myself and Francois. We will take you there and after the game return you to the San Francisco downtown area.

  6. Since this is during high-traffic time in San Francisco, we should be able to start our game no later than 6:30 pm. Given the daylight situation, we should be able to play for at least 90 minutes or so. To set up the field, I will bring cones. I will also bring a couple of balls for warm-up and for the game.

  7. In case you want to talk about this, you can call me at 408.421.4093 or send me instant messages on yahoo (m1mortazavi) or meet me at JavaOne. I'll be at JavaOne myself tomorrow between around 10:30 and 1:15 am. If you want to contact me, come to the pavilion floor or to the .org Zone. Leave a comment and let me know when you're going to be there. (I've grown a goatie so I don't quite look like my picture here.)

  8. In case you miss us at our departure and want to join us on your own, try the following instructions:

    1. See here for maps of the Muni system. The best map is the PDF one which you can zoom to get the detail you want.

    2. Our destination, the field, is near Fort Mason, roughly at the end of Muni line #2.) ...

    3. Again, taking a ride with us will be faster than taking the Muni ... You can send me IM at m1mortazavi AT yahoo DOT com.
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