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Simplify App Development with The Swing Application Framework

Posted by joconner on May 10, 2007 at 8:27 AM PDT

Have you ever fretted over the difficulty of creating a desktop application with a Swing-based user interface (UI)? Developers have sometimes complained that building Swing applications is just too hard. Sun has taken much of the feedback and has tried to simplify the process of building Swing-based applications on the desktop. The recent simplifications have taken shape as two separate Java Specification Requests (JSRs):

  • JSR 295 -- Beans Binding
  • JSR 296 -- The Swing Application Framework

Although both JSRs focus on the problematic areas common to typical Swing applications, desktop engineers Hans Muller and Joshua Marinacci focused on the framework in the 2007 JavaOne Conference session titled "JSR 296: The Swing Application Framework" (TS-3942). The two predict that the JSR will be part of the Java SE 7 platform, but you don't have to wait that long to benefit from their work. The Swing Application Framework is available online now as Project Appframework on, where you can find the documentation, code, and samples.

For details of this session, you can read the session overview report I put together. You'll find the overview of course, but you'll also find links to more information.

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