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JavaOne Blog 6: Being Productive in Swing

Posted by malcolmdavis on May 10, 2007 at 11:07 AM PDT

Being Productive in Swing is a continuation of last year's presentation from
(I applied some of the concepts from his last year's session with good results.)

Ben Galbraith has put together and published a framework that dramatically improves developer productivity.

The framework provides services that separates the GUI concerns from the binding and action concerns.

Decoupling the GUI classes from the actions and binding, helps with
readability, ease of maintainability, and allows for reuse.

The framework is provided for free under the Apache licenses.
The framework can be downloaded from:

For data-control binding, the code takes the typical run-time approach of using text strings for the binding names. This can become troublesome if the names on either the GUI or Bean changes, which
actually occurred during the demo. The move to include embedded DSL inside Java may help with the binding behavior by catching problems.