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Java Interactive TV

Posted by qmahmoud on May 10, 2007 at 12:19 PM PDT

This morning I attended the Java TV Track kickoff session. There were representatives from Sun, CableLabs, Time Warner, and Sony. They talked about the OpenCable initiative, one of its drivers is to encourage set-top supplier diversity – similar to the PC industry.

OCAP is the Open Cable Application Platform, which is based on Java. An SDK is available for developers interested in developing interactive TV applications, you can download it from One of my favorite TV channels is the Toronto-based CityNews, which has a ticker running across the screen with news from various sources. It would be really cool if they make it possible for viewers to replace that ticker with their favorite RSS feed. :-)

During the session it was announced that TiVO will be offered by several cable companies on existing cables, so be on the look out for offers from your cable providers to upgrade your cable box. :-)

Next, they discussed BD-J or Blue-ray Disc Java is the platform for supporting advanced content for Blu-ray Disc. This technology allows much more sophisticated bonus features on Blu-ray Disc titles than that provided by standard DVD. A couple of demos of Blu-ray Disc were shown: Big Fish, and Open Season. If you are a content developer, you might be interested in the BD-J application contest. For more information on BD-J, please see Q.

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