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Feeling like the Buridan's Donkey

Posted by fabriziogiudici on May 12, 2007 at 1:24 AM PDT

I don't know whether the expression "Buridan's Donkey" has the same meaning in english as in italian (I've just recenly discovered that the latin "qui(d) pro quo" has nowadays different meanings in english and romance languages). In any case, the history is about a donkey that starved and died since it had a lot of alternate foods to eat and it couldn't decide which was the most tasty to start eating with.

I feel in a similar way as I've found a lot of new Java toys to play with! :-)

  • NASA World Wind - and Geertjan will soon tell us how to include it in NetBeans RPC apps
  • With the latest NetBeans update I've found a Sun Grid plugin that allows to create and start jobs on the grid
  • ... and I just discovered that now the Sun Grid is accessible from 24 countries other than USA, including Italy!!

Well, maybe the plugin was already there since some time, but I didn't notice it - knowing that the grid was not available for Italy it could not have attracted my attention. Now I've just subscribed to it, hopefully in a few days I'll have my account working. This is important, since the USA-only access really slowed down the development of the Grid plugin for Mistral. I can't promise anything... but maybe there will be something ready at the blueMarine / Mistral demo at Jazoon. ;-)

Wow Sun: I looooove you sooooooooo! ;-)

Picture 3.png

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