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WSIT endorsements

Posted by arungupta on May 16, 2007 at 9:02 AM PDT

Web Services Interoperability Technologies
(WSIT, aka Project Tango), integrated in
GlassFish V2
, is an implementation of
key WS-*
and provides first-class interoperability with Microsoft .NET
3.0 framework. Here is a collection of quotes from developers, media and
partners endorsing WSIT in the past few months.


Microsoft, Sun Do Web Services Interoperability Tango
(Personal blog, May
15, 2007) - The key message is:
are happy with WSIT.

Finally, a simple prove that Microsoft and Sun has been continuing 
their own "peace" agreement. More power to software developers! Woohoo!!


Microsoft discusses Interop at JavaOne
(TheServerSide, May 11, 2007) - They
key message is: Most customers use
both .NET and Java, look to WSIT for interop

The Web Service Interoperability Technology (WSIT) is an 
interesting initiative, because it is primarily between .NET 3.0 and Java EE
5.0. ... primary users ... are early adopters. WSIT will become more interesting
in the future, when more companies move to the technologies.


When you want to do reliable messaging and transactions that span tech borders,
[BP 1.1] does not go far enough. WSIT goes beyond the basic profile to make sure
we do all of the open standards, but adds secure token exchange and transfer
across technology boundaries, and we test our technology against those.


We have found that about 70-90% of our customers have both .NET and Java in
their systems... WSIT improves ease of use in deploying interoperable


Takes two to Tango: Java Web Services and .NET Interoperability
blog, May 11,
2007) - The key message is:

Complexity hidden by NetBeans/WSIT plug-in, Convincing demo: Excel ->

I must say I was quite convinced by the
WSIT demo, which used an
Excel/.NET client to invoke a JEE web service deployed in Glassfish. From the
developer point of view, the complexity of adding reliable delivery, security,
etc seems to be completely hidden by the Netbeans plug-in, so developing
interoperable web services might not be a complete nightmare after all. The
project is still very young, but I find it very promising.


Tango Day at JavaOne: .NET 3.0 dances with Sun GlassFish
(TheServerSide, May 10, 2007) -
The key message is:
Integrate with .NET via GlassFish/Tango, Excel to back-end Unix

Sun show[ed] how easy it was to integrate .NET 3.0 and 
Sun Glassfish applications using Web Services Interoperability Technology,
code named Tango


The presentation gave a demonstration of how it was possible to use a
Microsoft Excel application as a client to post data to a back end server
... running on Unix.

Sun Shines On
WS-* Integration
(SDTimes, Feb 1, 2007) - The key message is:
Sun engineers work with MS engineers on-site in Redmond, Microsoft calls WSIT
best impl of WS-* outside its own

Chutzpah was the word most used to describe Sun

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