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Editor's Daily Blog for May 22, 2007

Posted by editor on May 21, 2007 at 10:58 PM PDT

Editor's Daily Blog for May 22, 2007

Java EE 5 achieves a high level of simplification over previous editions of the platform by using annotations for declarative programming. In our Feature Article, Using Annotations in the Java EE 5.0 Platform, Sangeetha S. and Subrahmanya S. V. look into this approach and its many uses.

In Java Today:

Augusto Sellhorn: JavaFX Clock

JSR 203 promises more new I/O APIs for Java, including several new I/O abstractions and a new I/O programming model. In the interview More New I/O APIs for Java, JSR 203 spec lead Alan Bateman explains how JSR 203's file API solves current shortcomings with, the new Watchable interface, and asynchronous I/O programming. Bateman is an engineer in the SE Core Technologies team at Sun.

Neal Gafter: A Limitation of Super Type Tokens
I slightly modified the clock example Chris Oliver wrote, and added some artwork to it so it looks somewhat like one of the Google desktop gadgets I use. The gadget is very low res, so I decided to make the image files much bigger so users can resize it without it looking like a pixelated mess. I made the seconds hand jump every second instead of moving continuously, and like the gadget, it has a very quick animation that moves the hand back a bit to give it a "spring" feel...

Neal Gafter: A Limitation of Super Type Tokens
There was a coincidental adjacency between two slides in Josh Bloch's talk that made me think a bit more about the idea of Super Type Tokens. The last slide of his discussion of generics gave a complete implementation of the mind-expanding Typesafe Heterogenous Containers (THC) pattern using Super Type Tokens...

In today's Weblogs.

Adding Typed Support to the StAX API:
A discussion has been started in the mailing list about typed extensions to the StAX API. We hope this discussion will serve as the basis for a proposal to be incorporated in the next release of the API. Subscribe to the mailing list (it is moderated) if you are interested in influecing this next-gen API.