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Editor's Daily Blog for May 23, 2007

Posted by editor on May 23, 2007 at 11:21 AM PDT

Editor's Daily Blog for May 23, 2007

In Java Today:

Rethinking JSF - The Real Problem
"JSF - JavaServer Faces, JCP's component framework for the presentation layer - has had a long and fairly controversial road so far. There's still a lot of dislike floating around for it, as you can see on various TheServerSide threads that deal with it head on. The problem isn't JSF - not for the most part, at least. The real problem is the perception of JSF, as well as how it's being shown and taught." In an article on TheServerSide, Rethinking JSF - The Real Problem, Joseph Ottinger argues "The real problem is that JSF, for a component framework, has so few components."

Java Posse 121 & 122: JavaOne Retrospective from the SVJUG
The Java Posse hosted a JavaOne retrospective at the Silicon Valley JUG recently, and there was so much to cover, it took two podcast episodes to get it all out. Episode 121 covers JavaFX Script, JavaFX Mobile, Project Wonderland, along with Microsoft's recent controvesial patent assertions in regards to open-source. Then in Episode 122, they offer brief comments on a number of topics: Curriki, Real-Time Java 2.0, NetBeans 6.0, Blu-Ray Disc Java, Iris, GlassFish v3, and more.

In today's Weblogs:

Amazingly good APIs
Paul Buchheit criticized Java imaging APIs as they require "closer to 100 lines of Java" just to do a simple image resizing, that in Python can be done in three lines...  

Fabrizio Giudici

Those frustrating bits of API
Not everything about writing code in a programming language is easy and wonderful. Sometimes a particular API is hard to figure out, or it doesn't do quite what you want, or the documentation is obtuse, or nonexistant, or wrong, or...  

David Herron

Mephisto on GlassFish V3
This blog shows how Mephisto, a web publishing system based on Ruby on Rails, can be deployed on
GlassFish V3 with minimal changes. These detailed steps are derived from the
original instructions. Here are the exact steps that I followed: Download Install...  

Arun Gupta

In today's Forums:

Re: "Too many open files" problem
I am using JDK 1.5, and an application that ran on pre-b33 builds without problems, had the "Too many open files" problems after about 48 hours. On my Linux distribution, the max number of open files is 1024 by default (for root and non-root). Changing that to 2048 solves the problem (at least for 72 hours and counting ;)). wonder if something has changed in b33, causing more file descriptors to be used?  

Re: Building Wonderland on MacOS
I've just tried Wonderland on Mac OS X. Thanks to the information here, I could build it successfully on my Mac Mini (Intel Core Duo). I could also run the server (ant run-sgs). But when I run the client, org.jdesktop.lg3d.wonderland.Main crashes. Is this the same symptom? To compile the Wonderland, I had to modify org/jdesktop/lg3d/media/jmf/audio/joal/ because Apple's JDK 1.6 does not include the required constructor PipedInputStream(PipedOutputStream, int). Is this related to my problem?  

Re: Serialization RMI-IIOP performance problem
There was a problem in the RMI-IIOP implementation in this situation that caused very large requests to be sent in this situation. This was caused by the very long classpath in the app server being set as the codebase (from RMIClassLoader.getClassAnnotation, I think). Another error in the encoding caused this codebase to be sent on EVERY java object, rather than just the first. Effectively the IIOP compression was not working in this case, resulting in messages often 10x larger than required. If this is the problem, you should see a lot of repeated class path entries in the data that is sent. This problem was fixed in GlassFish version 2 several months ago (probably in build 30-something), but I can't find the exact build number right now. Can you try this with the most recent GlassFish v2 build?  

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