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Train Wreck

Posted by editor on May 24, 2007 at 6:27 AM PDT

Getting the editor back online

Apologies for the hastily-assembled front page and the copy-and-paste-only editor's blogs over the last few days. Let's just say that Keagan had the worst fifth birthday party ever, and that's why I spent most of the last three days at the hospital or helping care for him at home.

Normal editorial service will resume once I get back on my feet and dig through the 65 non-junk e-mails that have piled up since Monday.

In Java Today,
the latest installment of the Java Mobility Podcast offers A Talk With Java ME Expert C. Enrique Ortiz, "a recognized mobility expert, renowned blogger, developer,
and author, who touches on a range of mobility topics in this interview,
including: moving to CDC; the latest JSRs that are important to mobile
developers; mobile AJAX; and the issue of device fragmentation."

Presentations from JavaOne 2007 are now online at the JavaOne site, specifically the JavaOne Online Technical Sessions page. PDF's of technical sessions and hands-on labs are available now, while multimedia presentations will be made available over the next month.

Blogger David Chappell has a followup question following JavaOne's warm fuzzies: Supporting SCA's Java Component Model: Which Vendors Will Do It? "This year's JavaOne conference included a panel on Service Component Architecture (SCA), for which I was the moderator. Representatives from BEA, IBM, Oracle, SAP, Sun, and Tibco spent an hour answering questions posed by the audience and me. It quickly became apparent that even though all of these vendors supported SCA, they had quite different ideas about what this meant."

James Gosling begins today's Weblogs with his
JavaOne wrap-up:
"Back to the Toy Show... If you weren't there, you should watch the videos. The tail end of the session was devoted to devices that aren't important to many JavaOne attendees in their normal software development role, but they sure do stretch the mind."

Amy Roh has a tutorial on
Context (webapp) configuration in GlassFish:
"Deployment specific web application configuration using context.xml in GlassFish was added a couple of months ago but related questions keep coming up on mailing lists and forum so I've decided to blog about it so it's easy to point out."

Finally, Simon Morris takes a swing at
Making JavaFX Sing:
"The goal was simple: develop from scratch a JavaFX based MP3 player. Along the way learn something of this much hyped technology. Is it really the future of the RIA? Can it really compete with Adobe and Microsoft? My initial conclusions are somewhat mixed."

In today's Forums,
jeremylowrey describes the challenges of getting modern JRE's installed on small devices in
Re: Bigger is worse for Java 6+.
"We deploy remote systems that do not have internet access. When a user connects to our device, it has a local web page which allows the user to download the JRE and our application. There is limited space and we've used the packed gz trick plus optimized greatly to make our application smaller. The JRE is a size we cannot shrink, and JRE 6 is now too big to fit on our device. We are stuck with JRE 5 unless we tell our customers that they need to install JRE 6 without using our equipment. Providing a CD is an option, but there are actual logistic problems with it. We would love to pack our own JRE or have JRE "lite" to continue with our previous customer solution."

Joshua Marinacci lays out a plan for SwingX layout in
Re: Border problem with JXPanel:
"I've been thinking a lot about the border / margins / insets / padding + painters problem and here's what I've come up with. Do what CSS does. (those of you who know me won't be surprised). The guys who built the CSS box model thought long and hard about a simple way to get almost every possible spacing effect and I really like what they came up with. I think we should adopt their solution and add margins, borders, and padding to the JXPanel (and other JXcomponents going forward). Here's how it works..."

Finally, Kirk Turner considers one approach for providing a desirable Project Wonderland feature in
Re: how to access web inside wl ?
"I was thinking of something like this as well... or alternatively it might be something that can be set up with people like gamespy - as that is a model already implemented and used for various games (I presume there is a cost for that though). I think this would prove very useful for people looking to use wonderland for teaching where they want 'public' access of some degree."

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Getting the editor back online