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JavaOne wrap-up

Posted by vivekp on May 24, 2007 at 6:52 PM PDT

It took me so long to recover from JavaOne! Well not really, right after
JavaOne got pulled into various things and could never get to it.

Overall, it was great to meet JAX-WS RI users and hear their feedback and
most importantly it was really good to know that its adoption is increasing!

JavaOne slides are

, get the slides for our

Technical Session

Someone in audience asked about the SMTP demo code. I will post it soon in a
separate blog. The demo code is part of

SMTP repository
so you can have a look at it in the meantime.

JAX-WS RI was mentioned  in many talks, some of them were

  • There was

    JMX session
    , where they talked about uses of JAX-WS RI
  • Another talk was on the CommunityOne day by Rod Johnson, where he
    discussed about how JAX-WS RI supports Spring by extending XML configuration
    of Spring 2.0. See his

    on the JAX-WS Spring support and Glassfish.
  • There was a

    session by
    where they talked about uses of JAX-WS RI,
    wsimport etc. and how it gives them better performance. During the JavaOne

    using JAX-WS 2.1.1 RI. See

    Arun's blog
    for details.

Thanks everyone for your continued interest in
JAX-WS RI, keep sending your feedback
to us.

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