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Lava Lamp for Hudson projects

Posted by kohsuke on June 25, 2007 at 11:02 AM PDT

Someone posted an article on Hudson Wiki that explains how to drive Lava lamps based on Hudson build status.

I've done a bit of extreme feedback device myself, but the great thing about this article is that it doesn't require any electronics experience. You just buy a few stuff (the total cost is $60), and that's it. Controllers attached to lava lamps communiate to the computer by radio, too, so they need not be at the same place.

Another nice thing about Lava lamp is that once it's turned on (say, the build failed), it still takes time for it to fully boil. So when you are looking at it, you should be able to tell if the build just broke now, or it's been breaking for a long time.

Just broke Been broken
Pictures copyrighted by Pragmatic Automation
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