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Walking on the Moon

Posted by editor on June 26, 2007 at 8:59 AM PDT

Another strange trip with Flying Saucer

Now here's an irony... despite the usual trend of media formats having being more readable than writable, PDF's may be easier to create than to view in Java SE. Adobe's own PDF component is long out of date, and many alternatives are commercial, although a list at does show some open-source readers. But for just writing PDF, the open-source iText library is available and quite popular. So popular, in fact, that the Flying Saucer project adopted it as an optional rendering technology.

In our Feature Article, Flying Saucer founder Joshua Marinacci takes a look at

Generating PDFs for Fun and Profit with Flying Saucer and iText:

PDFs are a great format for maps, receipts, reports, and printable labels. Flying Saucer and iText let you produce PDF files programmatically without having to use expensive tools or cumbersome APIs. By using plain XHTML and CSS, your graphic designer can use their existing web tools like Dreamweaver to produce great looking CSS templates that you or your developers plug in to your applications. By splitting the work, you can save both time and money.

In Java Today,
the JFXBuilder blog talks about the latest feature effort, MouseOver Animations in JFXBuilder/JavaFX: "This week we've been playing with a user friendly way to easily configure graphical and animated actions for common input events, like MouseOver and MousePressed. JFXBuilder already has a shape custom tailored for this called a "SwitchShape". The basic idea is to select a group of shapes that we want to react to a mouse event, select the menu item "Group in SwitchShape", then simply configure the look of the different "versions" (MouseOver, MousePressed, etc.)."

The GlassFish Plugins Project enables IDE users to develop, deploy and run their Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) applications using their favorite IDEs. Available plugins support NetBeans (included with NetBeans 5.5.1 and 6.0 M9), Eclipse 3.3 Europa with WTP 2.0 RC3, Eclipse IDE 3.2 and MyEclipse. There are also NetBeans plugins for jMaki, Phobos, and more. The project is also actively seeking more developers to develop plugins for other IDE's.

ComputerWorld is hosting an excerpt from Java Data Mining: Strategy, Standard and Practice by Mark F. Hornick, Erik Marcad and Sunil Venkayala. "This book excerpt uses an example sales campaign to introduce the Java Data Mining application programming interface. From data preparation to modeling to evaluation and deployment, the short example gives a feel for the business problem and solution."

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