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Message in a Module

Posted by editor on June 29, 2007 at 8:41 AM PDT

The debut of Java modules

So, I go and complain about how slow things are, and what happens? One of the premiere features of JDK 7 drops its first snapshot. Which feature? Only the new module system for Java, addressing the complaints we've had about JARs for years. Obviously, I'll need to re-ping by featuring these on the front page again sometime next week.

For now, the debut comes to us courtesy of Stanley Ho, who offers a number of items in his info-dump weblog OpenJDK Modules project: Early snapshot, video, and more.

We have just made an early snapshot of the JSR 277 (Java Module System) and JSR 294 (Improved Modularity Support in the Java Programming Language) implementation available through the Modules project on OpenJDK:

This snapshot currently covers the core features (see Andreas's blog) described in the updated specification in JSR 277, and the reflective APIs defined in JSR 294. If you are wondering how the module system works internally and want to take an early look or even contribute, I encourage you to check out the Modules project.

Stanley goes on to describe some of the other goodies provided by the modules project, including a getting started guide, some samples, and a NetBeans project for those of you who want to hack on the module system code itself.

Expect to hear much more here about JAM's -- JAva Modules -- as the development of JDK 7 continues.

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