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Pretty Pursuasion

Posted by editor on July 19, 2007 at 7:48 AM PDT

Of feature articles, Swing, and the rest of Java

What interests you about Java? Are there a lot of API's you're fairly familiar with, or a few libraries where you have deep, intense knowledge? How about what you're interested in learning? Do you want to know more about the kinds of things you're already doing, or would you like to read about something completely new? If you're hacking away on the server-side, do you want to read more about persistence, business logic encapsulation, and webapps, or do you want to read about how to do GUI's on phones and set-top boxes? Of course, these are the questions asked by our current poll (if you haven't answered, you have until tomorrow!), and it's something that the editorial group keeps in mind as we acquire new feature articles.

Of course, we can't publish 'em if people won't write 'em, and we've gotten into an interesting situation where we seem to have more good proposals coming in for SE and ME articles lately than EE (or enterprise-oriented SE). And I'm not sure why that is. Our editorial focus is on the three core Java platforms (ME, SE, and EE), along with the 4,000+ projects on the site, and with such active GlassFish and Enterprise communities, it's a little surprising that I don't get more proposals about the many EE API's, enterprise projects, or the community itself.

Moreover, it seems like there are a lot of writers who have one project of interest -- not their own, just something the use and like -- and, thus have a single article in them. Surely there are developers out there who've worked with a variety of tools and libraries on different kinds of projects, or who are studying the great new stuff they wish they'd had a few years ago when they started some project, and can offer multiple proposals on the stuff they know.

Of course, this is a hint to all you enterprise guys and gals out there. Hint, hint.

As I said, there are several good GUI writers who write for on a regular basis, one of whom is Substance creator Kirill Grouchnikov. He contributes today's Feature Article,
Adding Auto-Completion Support to Swing Comboboxes .
Auto-completion, as seen in browser address bars (among other GUIs), can be a very useful and much appreciated trait for input fields in your GUI. However, all of the second-generation Java GUI toolkits provide the feature differently. In this article, Kirill shows how to add auto-completion to comboboxes in GlazedLists, SwingX, JIDE, and Laf-Widget.

In Java Today,

JSR-316, Java EE 6, has been approved, but not without some controversy. As noted by JavaLobby, the Apache Software Foundation voted against the JSR as a protest over licensing issues. In its vote, Apache commented "The Apache Software Foundation's vote is based on the point of view that this spec lead -- Sun -- is in violation of the JSPA [Java Specification Participation Agreement] and therefore shouldn't be allowed to start another JSR [Java Specification Request] until the above matter is resolved." This brought a sharp rebuke from Bill Barker on Apache's JCP-OPEN mailing list: "And now we look like the FSF, playing politics with our vote..."

Few have been closer to the day-to-day processes involved in open sourcing the Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE) than Ray Gans, a manager at Sun Microsystems with a long history of working with Java compatibility programs. He currently manages the OpenJDK and Mobile & Embedded community programs, where he works to improve the collaboration between Sun and the open-source Java developer community. In A Conversation With Ray Gans of the OpenJDK Community Program, interviewer Janice J Heiss talks with him to gain a better understanding of how the open sourcing of the Java SE platform is going and where it is headed.

A new NetBeans tutorial shows you How to integrate the FindBugs plug-in for NetBeans. "FindBugs is an open source static analysis tool to search your code (exactly your compiled bytecode) for various bug patterns." The tutorial shows how to configure a new Update Center for the FindBugs-Plugin, install the plugin and start to find some bugs.

In today's Weblogs,
Evan Summers reiterates
My usual blah blah blah
"In response to a blog that "the desktop is becoming obsolete" and will become obsolete, because of Web 2.0, i rehashed all my usual blah blah blah - which i'm getting tired of spouting like a broken record, but i just can't help it!"

Brian Leonard offers
An Introduction to Building RESTful Web Services in Java Using NetBeans 6.0
"So, REST based web services are simpler than SOAP, right? Then why's it so difficult to create a REST based web service in Java? Using tools I can crank out a SOAP based web service in seconds - not so easy with REST. But help is on the way."

Finally, Harold Carr reports on
Project Tango at last week's .NET 3.5 plugfest.
"Members of the Project Tango (part of the Metro web services stack) team were at Microsoft's Redmond campus last week to participate in a plugfest to ensure web service interoperability between Java and .NET 3.x."

In today's Forums,
pitipablo asks
Does browser's java plugin for linux support graphic acceleration ?
I'm using ubuntu feisty, on an amd64. I have installed jdk 1.6 (64 bits version) to develop, and jre 1.6 (32bits version) to use applet enbedded on a browser (firefox, with I want to use an applet, which runs well under eclipse (ie with appletviewer), but under my browser, it is very slow, as if video acceleration is not enabled. is it true ? can I do something to resolve that?

Ernst de Haan questions whether all Throwables should be caught, in
Re: [JAVA2D] Exception in thread "Image Fetcher 0" java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
"Question is whether OOMEs can be handled gracefully at all. I'm not an expert in this field, but it may be that the JVM enters an error state as soon as this error is triggerred. Note that the JVM self may be unable to get sufficient resources for its basic operations. But then again, I'm not an expert. But I have witnessed heated discussions on this topic, a few years ago. So my suggestion is to first do some research to confirm OOMEs can in theory be handled gracefully."

Finally, Paul Davies puts out a call for public comment in
Review request: GUI online help and CLI online help.
"The Application Server documentation team is asking for review feedback on the Administration GUI online help and the CLI help in build 56, which was promoted on July 18, 2007. If you would like to provide feedback, please use the document comment wiki. To ensure that your feedback is received in time for inclusion in the FCS version of GlassFish v2, please leave your feedback by July 23, 2007"

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Of feature articles, Swing, and the rest of Java