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The Birth of the JavaFX Script Compiler

Posted by tball on July 20, 2007 at 6:49 AM PDT

Today a new JavaFX Script compiler incubator project, openjfx-compiler went live. Yes, it has source code, issues, mailing lists and a wiki, but the compiler itself actually does very little right now (although Chris Oliver did offer a nice tease). So why open it now? The answer is that our team wants to open not just its source, but the design and development of the compiler itself. We are also asking for feedback on the JavaFX Script language to make it fully specified and compilable.

If you have an interest in watching or participating in a compiler for JavaFX Script, please join our project and help shape its future. If the past couple of months is any indication, it's going to be fast, furious, and fun!

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