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Posted by editor on July 24, 2007 at 7:27 AM PDT

Filthy Rich Clients now available on Safari

We've kept a close watch on Filthy Rich Clients, the GUI book that bloggers Chet Haase and Romain Guy have been working on for the last year or so. Along with the authors' prominence on the site, it's also high on our radar for being the first book to cover some of the cutting-edge projects in the Java Desktop community, such as the Timing Framework, which gets two chapters in FRC.

As you might imagine, the authors are relieved and overjoyed that the book is now available in its entirety. Printed copies will be available in a few weeks, and the online version is up now, as Chet reports in Final Filthy Content on Safari.
"The publisher has posted the final content of Filthy Rich Clients to the Safari online book site. For anyone that was not satisfied with the typos and formatting of the Rough Cut and is eager for book before it's available in print in mid-August, have at it."

But what if you're not a Safari customer? Never fear. Visit the Safari site for a 10-day-or-50-pages trial. That'll give you a deep dig into Filthy Rich Clients, and from there you can either sign up for Safari and read the whole book now, or order the paper version for delivery when it's ready.

And once again, congrats to Chet and Romain. 552 pages... dang!

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