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jMaki returns from vacation...

Posted by ludo on July 31, 2007 at 6:08 PM PDT

Bonjour, comment Java?

alt="1" src="">

1 src="">jMaki
went for some vacation in Corsica, close to Ajaccio, the Ajax
city. jMaki really enjoyed the break, far from the work environment,
even if jMaki could not resist checking Email once a day in cyber cafes
in front of the magnificent Ajaccio gulf.

Meanwhile, around the globe, engineers were still
actively adding features and docs, for example:

  1. href="">jMaki
  2. href="">jMaki
    Data Models
  3. href="">Screencast
    #Web3: jMaki in Eclipse 
  4. href="">Screencast
    #Web2: jMaki on Rails for Dummies 
  5. href="">jMaki
    - Accessing External Services 
  6. href="">jMaki
  7. href="">jMaki
    on Rails - Updated for NetBeans 6 M10 
  8. href="">Dynamic
    Data in jMaki Widgets Using JPA 
  9. href="">Screencast
    #Web4: Creating Mashups with jMaki - Display RSS feed in jMaki Widgets 

and presenting to the href="">Ajax Experience
conference, and making the top page on the href="">Ajaxian

style="width: 399px; height: 533px;" alt="2"

alt="3" src="">

It was good for jMaki to return to its roots (Ajaccio) and relax a bit
to prepare a big come back:

  • an updated href="">jMaki
    NetBeans module (published today)
  • an updated href="">jMaki Eclipse 3.3
    module  (published today)
  • and an updated set of Phobos NetBeans plugins,
    working with both NetBeans 5.5.1 and NetBeans 6.0 M10, available via
    the Ajax
    update Center.

A bientot, 


ps: my iPhone has a date with my Newton tonight, and I don't want to
miss that:)

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