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Pics from fisl 9.0

Posted by brunogh on April 22, 2008 at 9:40 AM PDT

The 9th edition of fisl (International Free Software Forum) was huge! 7417 participants from 21 countries talking about open source 12 hours by day during 3 days. Wow! Great atmosphere! Great sessions! Great people! Great ideas, discussions, dinners...

Here are some pics that I got from my terrible camera:

Ale Gomes, from Mobile & Embedded, and Fabiane Nardon, JavaTools Community Leader.

Bruno Souza, Javali, Brazilian Sun Ambassadors, OpenSolaris User Group... did I forgot anyone?

Marge checking out a mobile session with her MSA compliant device!

Lucas Torri, Roger Brinkley and I. Sorry model agencies... no runways, we are busy....

What a nice guy!

Roger Brinkley, Mobile and Embedded Community leader, playing golf during his cool session!

Bluetooth about:

The slides of the session Marge, an open source framework for building Bluetooth applications in Java are available only in pt_BR (pdf and odf). mOOo Impress Controller was used to control the Impress presentation with the mobile and Giant Blue Pong was the demo showed in the end. Thanks for the audience, sorry if we had to hurry up. If you got any doubts, please send an email to us (mailing lists here).

During fisl, we have discovered a very nice thing! Bluecove, a JSR 82 Java SE implementation, is already working over BlueZ, the official Linux Bluetooth protocol stack. There is no release yet, but the snapshots we have tried are stable. Thanks to Vlad Skarzhevskyy, one of the project owners, that virtually helped us to put things working for our demo. Now you can have multiple connections in Linux, something that AvetanaBluetooth (open source) did not allow. Great news! Congrats to the Bluecove team! :)


Bruno Ghisi

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