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What's coming in NetBeans Mobility Pack 6.0?

Posted by brunogh on August 7, 2007 at 10:59 AM PDT

Hi all! I've downloaded Netbeans IDE 6.0 M10 - M10 is the last milestone for feature development - last weekend to take a new look in the Mobility Pack 6.0 that is coming. The Mobility Pack 6.0 will be now part of the Standard and Full version of Netbeans, you do not need to install it anymore, just if you get the Basic version. Netbeans 6.0 is planned to be available in the end of the year.

So, let's talk about the news around Mobility Pack 6.0. We are definitely going to have a lot of improvements that will make ME developers even more happy! Some of things that I have noticed and tried:

  • A lot of change in UI (User Interface) stuff in order to improve usability, like in the Projects Window you will not only see the packages, but now you will see things divided into Source Package, Resources, Project Configuration.
  • Project Configuration Management was improved, so now it is easy to add Configurations and manipulate them, in order to, for example, have different deploys for your application and easily make them directly in the Projects Window.
  • Mobility Deployment Manager was upgraded to allow you to create several instances of each deployment type - such as File Copy, FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and new types that were inserted - and then associate any of these instances to a Project Configuration.
  • Web Services API (JSR 172) stub compiler was rewritten and now have support for Base64 type, it is able to parse documentation from methods and has a better generated code.
  • One of my favorites... Visual Mobile Designer (VMD) 2 is coming! In this new version, we will have a lot of improvements in terms of functionality and usability, some of them are: its UI has changed a lot (this new style looks better!), an Analyzer that shows what commands and/or resources were no longer being used and shows a MIDP-1.0 compliancy checker. You have new things in your Pallete too:
    • In Flow area (easier to make and understand MIDlets flow graphically with these new stuff!): Entry Point (represents a method), Call Point (represents a code fragment), If (flow forking based on a specific condition), Switch (similar to If but you can specify Switch Case on it), List Action (you can put in a Command, so the List containing the Command will have a method to process the List Element that was selected, by default, all the List have a Command like that, but needs to be setted true to be showed), Previous Screen Action (an icon that represents to go to the previous screen, really useful for Back Buttons).
    • Displayables area (Four new Custom Components): FileBrowser (is a List) for the JSR 75 FileConnection Optional Package, PIMBrowser (is a List) for the JSR 75 PIM Optional Package, LoginScreen (is a Canvas) for authentication purposes with username and password, SMSComposer (is a Canvas) for sending SMS (Short Message Service) easily. You can fin them at $NETBEANS6_HOME/mobility8/modules/ext/nb_midp_components.jar.
  • One of the biggest features was the merge of CDC and CLDC in a unique Mobility Pack (CDC development got a lot of evolution because of that too).
  • Game developers will like that: in this new pack we are going to have the Game Builder, which is a visual editing support for MIDP 2.0 Game API including creation and editing of Sprites, TiledLayers and their arrangement into Scenes.

For more around this fresh version, go to Mobility Milestones in Netbeans Wiki, there are detailed pages for each milestone, and VMD has its own page as well. Got curious? Download Netbeans 6.0 M10 and have a look yourself about what is coming (note that some things are still getting more stable)! Netbeans 6.0 will have a lot of other improvements, including in the code editor, which was one of the biggest complains about users of other IDEs. Great! Have a nice week!


Bruno Ghisi

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