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Debugger for *nix pipe commands

Posted by staufferjames on August 22, 2007 at 9:41 AM PDT

As I build *nix piped commands I find that I want to see the output of one stage to verify correctness before building the next stage but I don't want to re-run each stage (especially when steps are expensive).
Does anyone know of a program that will help with that? It would keep the output of the last stage automatically to use for any new stages. I am visualizing a tabbed GUI where each tab is one stage and shows the output (or part of it) from that stage. It might only process each stage enough to provide enough data for the next stage (as appears to happen when the last stage is head).
I usually do this by sending the result of each command to a temporary file but it would be nice for a program to handle this.

Here is an example command: find . -name "*.xtl" -wholename "*/web/*" -print | xargs grep -c "storeNumberKey='Y'" | grep -v ":0" | grep -v ":1"

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