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Has Borland seent the light?

Posted by kito75 on August 17, 2007 at 10:13 AM PDT

I've been a devout fan of Borland's development tools since my pre-teen years (I started programming with Turbo Pascal, downloading code from BBSs). I used Delphi back in the day, and I was a debout JBuilder supporter until about a year or two ago, when I moved to Eclipse.

Even when I was using JBuilder, a friend of mine and I often concluded that Borland should be selling the best suite of Eclipse plugins on the market. While I was glad to see JBuilder 2007 reborn on top of Eclipse, I was intrigued, but not sold. (Granted, I did always love Together, which is integrated, along with OptimizeIt!). Admittedly, part of my resistance was the lack of any additional JSF tooling, which is my primary concern.

With JBuilder 2007, the pricing has come down quite a bit -- the standard version only costs $499, which is squarely aimed at IntelliJ. But Borland has just moved a step closer to the light by introducing JGear, which is basically JBuilder 2007 sold as three separate plugins (plus a server portion for its collaboration tools) that work with existing Eclipse installs. So, if you're using MyEclipse but you want profiling, you can just add JGear Performance. Or, if you're using BEA Workshop, you can add JGear Team client plugin. And the pricing is actually reasonable; the plugins start at $299.

Am I excited? More so than usual. I think Borland really has seen the light. Is it too late? Maybe so. But late is always better than never...

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