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(Just Like) Starting Over

Posted by editor on August 24, 2007 at 7:44 AM PDT

"JAVA" comes to the stock tables

This week of entirely unexpected announcements wraps up with a doozy. It started Monday with NetBeans' low-key adoption of the GPLv2 with classpath exception license. Then Tuesday, we got word that Java Kernel is ready for JDK 6u4 (at least if we're reading the bug report right). And now today, we get word that Sun is changing its stock ticker symbol from "SUNW" to "JAVA".

Sun President and CEO Jonathan Schwartz announced the change in his blog entry, The Rise of JAVA - The Retirement of SUNW. The reason, he explains, is the ubiquity and value of the Java brand:

What's that distribution and awareness worth to us? It's hard to say - brands, like employees, aren't expenses, they're investments. Measuring their value is more art than science. But there's no doubt in my mind more people know Java than Sun Microsystems. There's similarly no doubt they know Java more than nearly any other brand on the internet.

I know that sounds audacious, but wherever I travel in the world, I'm reminded of just how broad the opportunity has become, and how pervasively the technology and brand have been deployed. Java truly is everywhere.

This is sure to be a much-discussed move, and bloggers near and far are already chiming in with their thoughts. So... what do you think? Let us know in the comments section below...

Java creator James Gosling certainly deserves a say, and in today's Weblogs, he notes his thoughts on SUNW=>JAVA. "In his blog this morning, Jonathan announced that Sun is changing its stock symbol from SUNW to JAVA. Totally bizarre from a geek vantage point, but totally sensible in terms of marketing and brand awareness."

Meanwhile, Petar