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The Lost Generation

Posted by javakiddy on August 28, 2007 at 9:25 AM PDT

It's exam results season once again in the UK, and as usual newspapers are complaining how easy modern exams are. If they're to be believed in days of yore a Mathematics pass grade involved proving Fermat's Last Theorem — today one merely need find the exam room and spells one's name correctly.

A junior school teacher recently told me current practice advises against correcting more than five spelling errors in a pupil's text, for fear of smothering their creativity with a smog of red ink. Initially I reacted with incredulity, but upon reflection I realised each generation's education slaughters a few sacred cows of the previous generation.

In the final three years of high school my own "Eng Lit." education took in three Shakespeare plays, a couple of Arthur Miller offerings, some Orwell, brief excursions into Dickens and Bront

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