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The NetBeans Mobile is Alive

Posted by timboudreau on September 2, 2007 at 12:28 PM PDT

Well, the graphics are on, and the NetBeans Mobile is now officially a big honkin' truck with NetBeans logos on it!

Getting ready and loaded up is taking a little longer than I had hoped (I'm just a typical engineer underestimating how long work will take :-)) - so I expect to be on the road on Monday. I'll make it a short day/shakedown cruise, and plan to end up in Salt Lake City on Tuesday night. Two days later I'll be visiting some folks in Milwaukee.

BTW, if anybody out there has successfully gotten a Blackberry Pearl to act as a modem under OS X, I'd be very interested in the details. I've found this modem script which worked exactly once; this rather enigmatic piece of software (does anyone really want their modem to be a gui application?) might work, but is a beta limited to 10Mb. Surely this should be simple...

At worst, I'll end up uploading pictures and everything from truck stops along the way - but it would be more fun if they arrived as they were taken.

The server-side piece of the software is done. David Botterill did some amazing work with reverse geocoding. So each picture actually has an address to go with it! And there's a ui for adding comments to pictures. This is going to be fun! I'll publish the URL this evening, once I get some initial data up.

Anyway, here are some pics of the NetBeans Mobile!



Here's the photo/gps rig in action (yes, the dashboard is plywood - it was a roofer's van in its former life...).


And a fine way to code on the road :-)


And the tagline: