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Hudson plugins for .NET developers

Posted by kohsuke on September 3, 2007 at 11:48 PM PDT

Hudson has lately added several plugins for .NET development.

First, Kyle Sweeney has developed NAnt and MSBuild plugins. As I understand it, those are essentially the Ant equivalent — building software from CLI.

There's also NUnit support developed by Erik Ramfelt. He's also working with Peter Reilly to add FxCop support to the violations plugin. FxCop is essentially a findbugs equivalent in .NET.

And Visual SourceSafe plugin has been available for some time now. I found out that this plugin uses my another hobby project com4j.

I haven't really done any serious .NET development since my FreeTrain project, so I could be wrong, but .NET folks don't seem to have a good CI tool — CruiseControl.NET seems to be all they have. So I think there's a room for creating a distribution of Hudson, with all those .NET plugins instead of Java-centric default offerings like Ant/Maven.

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