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JXTA 2.5 FCS is just around the corner

Posted by hamada on September 4, 2007 at 8:48 PM PDT


The next release of JXTA for Java SE/EE 5.0, JXSE 2.5 "Pavlova", is
finally nearing completion. The Pavlova release is the result of
tremendous effort over the last ten months. Pavlova will contain
significant enhancements to JXSE along with the usual mix of
refinements and bug fixes.    By far this release of the
JXTA for JavaSE is the most stable and performant release to
date.  JXTA for JavaSE 2.5 includes the following features and
enhancements, but not limited to :

  • An NIO based Scalable TCP/IP message transport
  • A per PeerGroup ThreadPool, and retiring of the service message
    quota logic
  • Introduced an complement to the NetworkConfigurator, which
    abstracts node operating modes, and manages the platform lifecycle
  • Much improved Tutorials and programmers guide
  • Optimized route healing, beneficial to mobile nodes
  • Improved connectivity (rendezvous, relay, JxtaSocket,
    JxtaBiDiPipe, pipes
  • Improved JxtaServerPipe concurrent connection handling
  • Expose and make use of direct messengers whenever possible, thus
    achieving 10x performance.
  • Improved startup time to sub-second from a previous 5 second
    startup time
  • Optimized directed propagated pipes to utilize direct messengers,
    and avoid two layers of overhead, resulting in higher reliability and
    improved performance
  • Improved SRDI GC which caused CPU spikes at times
  • Improved endpoint messenger concurrency which lead to improved
    message delivery latency
  • Countless bug fixes throughout the code base, which improves the
    overall reliability of the platform

Special thanks to all of the community members who have already
contributed ideas, reported problems, provided patches, and have helped
greatly to improve the quality, and robustness of this release.

Especially deserving of recognition for the Pavlova release are the
Shoal/Glassfish team and separately, Roger 'malveaux' Karis. The 2.5
release would not be nearly as robust, stable nor complete without your

Also, thanks in advance to all of the community members who spend time
trying this test release, file issues and contribute to the final
release. We won't be able to do it without you!


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