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CEJUG Certified: free vouchers of Sun Certification Program

Posted by felipegaucho on September 23, 2007 at 11:05 AM PDT

Yes, it is true: FREE VOUCHERS! We from CEJUG just created a program called
CEJUG Certified, that works as follows:

  1. A JUG member succeed in a Sun official certification exam.
  2. He nominates himself to be reimbursed by one of the local companies participating in the program.
  3. If there is a voucher reimbursement available, the approved member receives back the full cost of the voucher.

* For the moment, only students or unemployed people are eligible for the reimbursement. The companies that support the
vouchers can define these restrictions.

Every good company has internal training and certification programs, so what is the big deal ?

The big deal is the local companies supporting the community as a whole - not only their employees but any member of the
community can receive the money back. It is a changing of behaviour, the companies are not just repeating some traditional
enterprise strategy or offering benefit pack to attract good employees - they are betting in a better relationship
between their business goals and the local community. Companies, students and professionals are
part of the same community and this program aims to promote this idea - people must know each other, respect and collaborate
for a better society, and when companies start investing resources in a more holistic way it is a good sign.

Recognition and respect for the good companies

The greatest benefit for the companies participating in this new program is the recognition of the JUG members. Companies
that invest beyond their business borders show a commitment with the local community and a level of maturity that attract good people,
attract good professionals - when you sow good seeds you pick good fruits ;)

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