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OpenJDK Mercurial Transition Update 3

Posted by kellyohair on September 25, 2007 at 3:48 PM PDT

Update 3

    Build 20 now contains a separate "langtools" (javac, javah, javap, apt, and javadoc) directory in the Build 20 source bundles.

    Build 21 (could be 22) will have separate corba, jaxp, and jaxws directories.
    Build 20 had some duplicate javac tests between j2se and langtools, this should get corrected in Build 21, which should be out soon.

    Build 22 continues to be our target for the last JDK7
    promotion built via the TeamWare workspaces, the Build after
    this one would be done via Mercurial repositories.
    Then my co-workers might want to burn me at the stake, so I may
    go into hiding for a while. ;^)

    We have started to look at the various conventions
    we want to put in place for things
    like changeset comments, etc.
    The general feeling is that the changeset comment should always
    contain a bugid and synopsis, and not much else, pushing the bulk
    of the data about a bug and it's fix into the bug database.
    The Mercurial changeset itself serves as the exact changes
    for a bug, so there is no need to save diffs or webrevs, just the
    changeset global ID.

    It has been agreed that the release engineering team will be creating
    global tags for the various promotions, something like "jdk7-ea-b23",
    so re-creating the sources as of a promotion should be easy.
    (The fact that Mercurial makes it so easy to re-create accurate
    source trees for any changeset or tag name may change the way we
    deal with saving source bundles, or even creating source bundles.
    Time will tell.

    There may still be a few SCCS keywords in the sources at first, but
    these should be harmless. We'll continue to clean up the source as
    we go.

    The current plan is to apply a source normalization script to the
    Java and Native C/C++ sources as they transition from TeamWare to
    Mercurial. The normalization procedure will attempt to clean up the
    whitespace uses in the sources, expanding TABS, converting ^M characters, removing trailing blanks on lines, and making sure the file
    ends with a newline character.
    Hopefully we can put some hooks in place to prevent this kind of
    whitespace clutter from coming back.

      (WHAT? NO TABS? ... yes, no tabs ... ARE YOU NUTS? ... at times ...
      WHY? ... because tabs create a source display problem ... BUT IT WORKS FINE FOR ME IN VI/EMACS! ... yes, but what about everybody else?)


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