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javascript remote diff/merge tool

Posted by calvinaustin on October 3, 2007 at 2:10 PM PDT

There are certain computer tasks that I sometimes wonder if there is a better way of doing them. I mean computers are there to save time, not generate work. One such task is remote file diffs, especially on our webfarm. When deploying updates to our developer site there are often files flagged that were not supposed to have changed.

My colleague Nimish has created a tool that can do a remote diff and merge and display the results in your local file browser. Apart from some python server hooks the rest is written in javascript. What was always a clumsy and error prone task I can now do locally as follows scp://user@server:/opt/lib/ /opt/lib/

and see the comparison in a web page.

For more information on JSBlend project and if you want to join check out his blog entry

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I could not start jsblend. Followed the steps provided in ...

I could not start jsblend.
Followed the steps provided in Readme..
C:\Users\pawanvj\Downloads\jsblend-code-34-trunk>python c:\nxgeztrade\InBound.xml c:\nxgeztrade\InBound1.xml
File "", line 30
print "Usage: " + sys.argv[0] + " [options]"
SyntaxError: Missing parentheses in call to 'print'

Can you please let me know if I am missing something?