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The first "Java Agri-Meeting"...

Posted by fabriziogiudici on October 9, 2007 at 6:19 AM PDT

A few months ago, just returned from Jazoon, a few italian JUG leaders and members started thinking about a strange fact. In spite of a quite large number of JUGs and of the relative short distance among them (usually 100-200km), we keep on meeting only abroad during events such as JavaPolis or Jazoon and we seldom do in our country. Yes, we talk daily by means of mailing lists and chats, but a physical meeting is still a different thing.

So we launched the idea of "Java Agri-Meetings". The basic concept is:

  1. to meet during a weekend for two days, and not a few hours during a business week;
  2. several "nearby" JUGs meet together;
  3. the place is an "agriturismo" in the countryside, so we are more relaxed, there's fresh air, good food and wine :-) ...
  4. ... and we can do also other things than talking about Java - indeed, by plan Java shouldn't take longer than 50% of the time, and the remainder is dedicated to leisure activities such as hiking, biking, playing football or such.

The formula is compatible with people with a family, since the non-Java-enabled wife/husband and children can meet other families and during that 50% of non-Java time families can stay together.

The first Java Agri-Meeting has just occurred on the past weekend (the JUG Padova has published a short post about it). In spite of some problems (we weren't expecting but a few participants, indeed the number has been even lower because of a late change in dates - originally due for end of September it would have clashed with the Sun Tech Days - and because some form of flu hit some participants at the last minute, me included) we are happy about it. After all, any new initiative needs to start in some place and then grows.

We'll have another in a few months. As the idea is about involving nearby JUGs, we'd also like that Alps weren't a barrier :-) After all, many towns across the border aren't more far away than 100-200km. So if French, Swiss, Austrian, Slovenian and Croatian JUGs are reading and interested in joining the next one (depending on the location, of course), let us know. And of course, reciprocity is a good thing ;-)