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Posted by editor on October 9, 2007 at 8:16 AM PDT

Who's running for the JCP seats, and will you join them?

I was listening to the Java Posse last night, and I think they got a key point on the JCP 2007 Elections wrong when they speculated about the nature of this week's ratified voting, speculating that this voting is for the individuals who represent certain organizations and companies. Well, I just cast my votes for the ratified phase, and all that's there are the names of the six companies and seats that are up for re-election this year. A short item on Artima, 2007 JCP Elections Under Way, puts things concisely and clearly: "In the first phase of the JCP elections, the community votes on Sun's nominees, while the second phase invites nominations from the broader community."

On the nominations point, Posse member Joe Nuxoll says he wants to be on the EC in order to get language-level properties in Java 7. IMHO, he could probably do more by putting together an expert group to write a definitive properties JSR, but whatever... nominations for the open seats begin next week, and Joe can start running officially then, notwithstanding his reality-detached declaration of a "write-in campaign".

We were talking about the elections on the Posse's IRC channel this morning and Dalibor Topic made a good point about accountability. While the ballot page provides statements from five of the six ratified seat-holders (apparently, no statement was receive from the Apache Software Foundation), there isn't a particularly straightforward way to see how the current seat-holders have used their positions. As Dalibor writes in his blog, The JCP election season starts:

So I'm wondering if there is a JCP activity board out there somewhere, that lets me figure out how the candidates have participated in the JCP, which JSRs they've been leading, how they've voted in the past, when they abstained, what sort of comments they have attached to their votes, what sort of licenses they publish the RIs and TCKs under for the JSRs they lead, if they have publicly readable mailing lists for their JSRs, etc.

Good question. There seems to be no formal link trail connecting an EC member to its behavior as a member of JSR expert groups, and digging through JSRs to find a voting history is a tedious process. All I've ever noticed in the voting history is Apache's recent tendency to abstain or vote against all JSRs as a form of protest about the licensing of the JDK TCKs (see their votes and comments on JSRs 315,
317, and

So, how do you cast an informed vote in the ratification phase of the elections? Has there been enough discussion, and can people find those discussions?

Feel free to share your thoughts on the elections here, or in the JSR forum.

In Java Today,
a new SDN article looks at Long Running Web Process (LRWP) in the Java Platform using GlassFish. "The Long Running Web Process (LRWP) is a protocol used by a web server to communicate with its peers. LRWP is similar to CGI, but faster, since the peer is persistent across requests." The article moves on to considering Java implementations, to run on GlassFish: "the design for implementing the LRWP protocol in the Java platform uses a servlet container to handle HTTP requests and also to make use of servlets to handle the LRWP processing. "

Java SE 6 focuses on performance, with expanded tools for managing and monitoring applications as well as diagnosing common problems. The article Monitor and diagnose performance in Java SE 6 outlines the basis of monitoring and management in the Java SE platform and provides detailed information about the relevant enhancements in Java SE 6.

The Notebook project offers "a simple program to organize notes, to-dos, lists, and anything else you need to jot down. Notebook is designed to be small, fast, and portable. This makes it ideal to keep on a USB thumb drive, and use on any computer with Java 1.5 or higher installed. Notebook is also designed to be simple and easy to use. No extensive menus, no complicated options, and no fluff. Anyone can begin using Notebook in a matter of seconds, using simple toolbar buttons or intuitive keyboard shortcuts."

In today's Weblogs, Kirill Grouchnikov looks at Rainbow 1.1 - SVG browser for remote SVN repositories.
"The new version of Rainbow SVG browser is available. Now you can browse remote SVN repositories with regular and compressed SVG content."

Van Riper passes along news of a
Seam Presentation by Gavin King on October 16th.
"Gavin King will be speaking about Seam at the Silicon Valley Web Developer JUG meeting on October 16th. This JUG meets at 6:30pm on the third Tuesday of each month at Google in Mountain View, California."

Finally, in
Java ME on Windows Mobile, Petr Panteleyev shares a
"couple words about getting Java ME on Windows Mobile"

In today's Forums,
kumarjayanti offers an alternative way of handling GlassFish security, in
Re: Can't secure JAVA SE 6 WebService - code based on example doesn't work.
"If you want to do it programmatically the option is there. You will have to supply something called as XWSSCallbackHandler (it's a bit cumbersome). For GlassFish you will just need to supply a JSR 196 CallbackHandler which requires fewer callbacks to be handled. Otherwise if you are worried about keystore passwords or user-passwords being present in Config file then you can always supply a small CallbackHandler inplace of Password. For username/password you can also set it programmatically in the client code by setting BindingProvider.USERNAME_PROPERTY and BindingProvider.PASSWORD_PROPERTY."

Bringing server-side ideas to the device, cliff76 wonders about
Dependency Injection?
"I'm new to JavaME and wondering what solutions are currently available for dependency injection. We started a project at my company where T.D.D. was used through and through. I hacked together a band-aid implementation for D.I. but I'm curious to find out how others address the need if at all. I'm looking for a tool or framework that will allow me to wire my application together much like Springframework does for JRE based apps. Is there anything at all in the ME space?"

Finally, umair123 needs help to
Add watermark to jpeg.
"I need to add a watermark to jpeg image file. What I was trying to do was that I had a watermark in PNG format The watermark has transparent background with text having opacity 75%. Using JAI overlay, I am trying to place that png file on the jpeg file. It gives error that both images should have same number of bands and data type. Can anyone help me in this regard? Or can you provide me some code for watermarking?"

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Who's running for the JCP seats, and will you join them?